Secrets of Seduction

Paradise Series Book 5

“A marvelous, well-written love by a gifted storyteller.”
RT Top Pick! and K.I.S.S. award (Knight in Shining Silver)
— RT Book Reviews

“Nicole Jordan’s new series will steal your heart!”
— Cathy Maxwell, New York Times bestselling author

About the Book

Stunning sensuality and breathtaking romance mark this dazzling new Legendary Lovers tale from New York Times best-selling author Nicole Jordan, where an extraordinary beauty teaches a handsome, reclusive “beast” to love again.

The most charming Wilde cousin, Lady Skye has secretly loved the enigmatic Earl of Hawkhurst since girlhood, long before the tragedy that left him scarred both physically and emotionally. When Skye learns that the celebrated hero has returned to England from his self-imposed exile to make a cold marriage of convenience, she brazenly plants herself on his castle doorstep, determined to convince Hawk that she alone is his perfect mate and destiny.

An elite member of the Guardians of the Sword, Hawk has vowed never again to risk the pain of loving – but that’s before he deals with the most enchanting, annoyingly persistent seductress he’s ever encountered. One night of blazing passion leaves him impossibly torn. Will Hawk choose duty over love, or will he open his heart and let Skye’s healing light penetrate his darkness?

Praise for Secrets of Seduction

“Jordan delivers a powerful, moving romance with intense emotions, sexual tension and a few recurring characters. She pairs a man scarred in body and soul with a captivating young woman determined to show him how love can overcome guilt and a wounded heart. This is a marvelous, well-written love by a gifted storyteller.” RT Top Pick! and K.I.S.S. award (Knight in Shining Silver)
— RT Book Reviews

“Another sensual and highly entertaining tome from the talented wordsmith Nicole Jordan.”
—Marilyn Rondeau, CK2s Kwips & Kritiques

“Oh how I loved this novel!!!! I’m a sucker for all things Beauty and the Beast, so when this book arrived in my mailbox I devoured it. And I have to say Nicole Jordan made me fall in love with the romance genre all over again. Her characters were divine…. When you buy your copy, make sure you buy two because this is definitely a book you want to share with your friends.”
—The Royal Reviews

“Looking for an amazing romance? Look no further! You have found it with Secrets of Seduction…. Nicole Jordan knows how to tell a story. She draws in the reader with an amazing, courageous, spirited heroine and a tortured hero. Then she adds in a fantastic plot and subplot, guaranteed to capture your interest. The Beauty and the Beast theme fits perfectly and the reader will savor Secrets of Seduction by Nicole Jordan, a not to be missed romance that will ensnare your senses and engage your emotions.”
—Single Titles

“I absolutely loved it! The characters were delightful, and their antics kept me laughing out loud and cheering for them! The story had so many unique twists and turns that I did not expect, it was like being on a sizzling hot roller coaster ride.”
—Night Owl Romance, 4½ star Top Reviewer Pick

“Secrets of Seduction has a little bit of everything: humor, love, romance, betrayal, intrigue, suspense and heartbreak. Skye is a woman who puts her heart on the line and tells it like it is. She knows she may be fighting a losing battle but in the end it is the heart that knows where it truly belongs.”
—The Reading Café

“Overall, it [Secrets of Seduction] was a great introduction to Nicole Jordan, a great twist on a classic tale, and enough to score her a spot on my permanent “Authors to Track” list.”
—The Lemon Review

“Secrets of Seduction is one of the best books I’ve read this year. Skye is a brilliant heroine – not only clever and determined to win the heart of a man she’s loved from afar, but patient enough to see his pain and understand him. You’ll be rooting for her before she’s through uttering her greetings to the hero for the first time. A classic feel good romance, you’ll love to read!”

“Secrets of Seduction was a fairy tale come to life and a delightful read for those who enjoy retellings of the classics. Ahh how I loved it! Jordan has a way of pulling you into a storyline and just making it magical. I loved watching Skye and Hawk heal each other and find the other half of their soul. From heartbreaking moments to those that just lifted your spirits Secrets of Seduction was a delightful read and a wonderful romance I think most historical fans will thoroughly enjoy.”
—Herding Cats Burning Soup

“The latest lively written entry in Jordan’s Legendary Lovers series puts an elegantly sensual spin on Beauty and the Beast.”
—John Charles, Booklist

Praise for Nicole Jordan

“Sexy characters, powerful love stories, and fast-paced action are Jordan’s forte.”
— RT Book Reviews

“Nicole Jordan is one of my favorites.”
— Cathy Maxwell, New York Times bestselling author

“Nicole Jordan charms and captivates.”
— Jillian Hunter, New York Times bestselling author

“One of my all time favorite writers, Nicole Jordan delivers romance like no one else. Captivating, enticing, and irresistible, her books are always on my must buy list.”
— Sherrilyn Kenyon, #1 New York Times bestselling author