The Lover

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The sizzling sexual tension and repartee make this a pleasure to read.”
—Romantic Times

“As hot as they come. A fantastic love story, very unique and very special.”
—Romance Reviews

From bestselling author Nicole Jordan comes a tale of timeless beauty, fierce passion, and heart pounding love in Scotland’s untamed Highlands.

Niall McLaren was as dangerous and beguiling as the Highlands itself, a man unparalleled in the arts of war and of love. Even in the stately ballrooms of Edinburgh where Sabrina Duncan first laid eyes on the powerful laird who would one day be her husband, he exuded an intoxicating sensuality. It was rumored that the touch of his lips could draw the very soul from a woman’s body—and when he pulled Sabrina into his arms, she had no doubts: the kiss he stole from her that moonlit night was like a brand on her soul, leaving her longing for more.

A promise made long ago binds Niall McLaren to wed the eldest daughter of a neighboring laird to unite the two clans. Then Niall recognizes Sabrina as the enticing lass whose kisses enflamed his passion long ago. Now the married life he once dreaded becomes a world of unexplored pleasures. Yet for all their beauty, the wild hills of Scotland are a place where ancient feuds and hidden secrets create unimagined peril for the lovers. For in the untamed Highlands, two hearts must clash before they learn to beat as one.