Wicked Fantasy

Paradise Series Book 3

“Intoxicating. Once more Jordan proves that she well deserves her reputation for delivering both steamy scenes and an emotional punch.”
—Publisher’s Weekly

“These characters are so well written that they leap to life on the pages. An absolute must-read for lovers of sensual historical romance.”
—Romance Junkies

He is her most wicked fantasy… and no proper suitor for a lady.

Since the night Trey Deverill’s stunning kiss melted her senses, Antonia Maitland has harbored a fascination for the infamous adventurer. But Deverill is nothing she needs in a husband, and when he abducts her—for her own protection—and then shockingly proposes marriage, a battle of wills ensues that proves dangerously irresistible.

Antonia’s charming wit and vibrant beauty make her England’s most sought-after heiress. Yet it’s her fiery spirit and awakening sensuality that stir a need in Deverill so fierce he would challenge the devil himself to possess her.

From the glittering ballrooms of London to the splendor of the Cornish coast, Deverill sweeps Antonia into unforgettable passion. But a treacherous plot threatens their lives and their chance for the grandest adventure of all: true love.