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January 2012 brought the launch of my lively new Regency series, Legendary Lovers! Determined to find true love, the passionate, pleasure-loving Wilde cousins vow to follow in the footsteps of the world’s greatest lovers. But fate has a way of playing tricks on lovers’ hearts and making even classic romances go awry…

Each of the five Wilde cousins will get his or her own story using themes from fairy tales, Shakespeare’s plays, and even romantic Greek myths. Ash is first (Cinderella), Lord Jack is next (Romeo & Juliet), followed by Skye (Beauty and the Beast), Quinn (Taming of the Shrew), and finally Katharine (Pygmalion/My Fair Lady), although Kate initially thinks she’s getting Shrew for her story!

Legendary Lovers Book 1, PRINCESS CHARMING, is a fresh, sexy twist on the timeless Cinderella tale and stars the eldest Wilde cousin, Ashton Wilde, Marquis of Beaufort. To get all the scoop, check out my Books/New Release page. And to read an excerpt from Chapter 1, click here.

PRINCESS CHARMING went on sale January 31, 2012! You can order your copies here: Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, Books A Million.

Legendary Lovers Book 2, LOVER BE MINE, was released May 28, 2013! In this captivating tale, wickedly charming Lord Jack Wilde plays a determined Romeo romancing an enchanting Juliet. To read Chapter 1, click here. And order your copies here: Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, IndieBound, Books A Million.

Next up was Legendary Lovers Book 3, SECRETS OF SEDUCTION. The youngest Wilde cousin, Lady Skye (a delightfully charming Beauty who doesn’t understand the word “No”), teaches a reclusive, emotionally scarred nobleman (the Beast) to love again. Fans of my Paradise series (which stopped with #4, FEVER DREAMS) will be glad to know I’m bringing back the gorgeous, enigmatic Earl of Hawkhurst (aka Hawk) and finally giving him a well-deserved happy ending to wrap up the Paradise series.

SECRETS OF SEDUCTION was published in May 2014. Read Chapter One on-line here. You can also find an excerpt at the end of LOVER BE MINE.

Legendary Lovers Book 4, THE ART OF TAMING A RAKE, out 1/26/16, is a sexy twist on Taming of the Shrew and features seductive nobleman, Quinn Wilde, the Earl of Traherne.

Quinn fights hard not to get sucked into his cousin Kate’s matchmaking endeavors, but when he meets the elder sister of the girl Kate has chosen for him, all bets are off. Lots of hot sparks fly when Venetia tracks Quinn down at a brothel, determined to save her innocent sister from a handsome rakehell like the lothario who broke her own heart. She starts by threatening to shoot Quinn and winds up married to him! Read Chapter 1 here, and also in the back of SECRETS OF SEDUCTION.

Legendary Lovers Book 5 has a title! MY FAIR LOVER is a sizzling twist on the Pygmalion myth and My Fair Lady. Beautiful matchmaker Lady Katharine Wilde promises to turn vexing American privateer Brandon Deverill into a proper English lord and find him a bride befitting his newly-inherited barony… if he will protect her from French pirates during her search for a buried family treasure.

Currently MY FAIR LOVER is planned for a Spring 2017 publication. You can find Chapter 1 in the back of THE ART OF TAMING A RAKE, and I’ll post the excerpt here on my Website Future Books page soon.



The Courtship Wars chronicles the delicious sparks that fly when Regency lovers play the matrimonial mating game. Book 6, TO DESIRE A WICKED DUKE, wrapped up the series by giving Tess Blanchard a second chance at love with a vexingly arrogant duke. And Courtesan Fanny Irwin also found her own true love in the end.

To learn much more about The Courtship Wars romances, click here.



The first four Paradise books have been published. I had originally planned the Earl of Hawkhurst’s story as Paradise Book 5 to finish up the series, but my publisher asked me to write The Courtship Wars instead. So now I’ll be bringing Hawk back as the hero of Legendary Lovers Book 3 and readers will finally learn how he finds his perfect mate and can revisit his fellow Guardians! You can read about the Paradise books here.



Dare’s story, THE PRINCE OF PLEASURE, is Book 5 of my Notorious series and the final one for now. Check them out at here.



I initially intended THE OUTLAW and THE HEART BREAKER to be a trilogy, with Wolf Logan as the hero for Book 3. I even called the series my Rocky Mountain Trilogy. In fact, I have Wolf’s story all plotted out. But my publisher wants me to wait until the market for Western romances is stronger. So regrettably, it will be a while longer for Wolf. Meanwhile, I changed the name of the series to Rocky Mountain Brides so readers will won’t be expecting a trilogy any time soon!



For readers who want to read my long out-of-print romance novels from the 80’s and 90’s, you’re in luck! 5 of my early historicals (VEVET EMBRACE, DESIRE & DECEPTION, MOONWITCH, TENDER FEUD, and LORD OF DESIRE) and 4 Westerns (WILDSTAR, THE SAVAGE, THE OUTLAW, and THE HEART BREADER) have been reprinted in multiple e-book formats, including Amazon’s Kindle and Barnes & Noble’s NOOK Book, and are available for ordering/downloading at great discounts prices. See my Books page for details! click here